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'Vertigo (The Paint Song)' Goes Viral!!

'This is pop indeed' - Tasty Ears.
What more needs to be said?

With the release of 'Someone Needs Me More' (single # 3-The Ed Harris Masters), 'My Favorite New Band' stepped up to the plate: 'Beautifully put together, deceptively simple and ever so slightly off-kilter, that’s Richard Reagh'.
P.S. Vertigo (The Paint Song) has also been remixed by The Subliminal Kid (Roll the Dice, Fever Ray, Lykke Li).

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Someone needs me more

Watcha Gonna

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Vertigo (The Paint Song)

Disc Edharris P1

Someone needs me more

Disc Edharris P1

The Ed Harris Masters Pt. 1

Disc Edharris P1
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I'm Younger Than That Now

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Is This The Blues I'm Singing?

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Extended play

EP - OTWL002
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It refuses to be categorized and yet impossible not to be impressed by. The EP ”Extended Play” is mystical and self-explanatory at the same time.
- Folkbladet, Sara Schüldt, 25/5-05


EP - OTWL001
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Outlaw is a directly grasping song with its bouncing beat in the bottom and untidy backbeat guitar that goes on throughout the song - naked but still captivating
- Eskilstuna kuriren, Mikael Barani, 27/5-05


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In the beginning:

-It was symphonic music (The PEI Symphony) via his brother’s ‘indie collection’ via an ‘under practiced’ violin/viola.

-Then it was pretending to play guitar on keyboards in a cover band in order to actually be able to play live somewhere.

-’Small town roots’ moves to California (LA).

-Yes, music school (The Grove School of Music). 12 months and wondering every week ‘why he was there’ and not transcribing Motown hits instead (which he would do later).

-Back to Canada. Finding a bunch of friendly poets (The Secret Swarm), Reagh found his first ‘venue’ to perform his own songs publicly at: their meetings. This grew into finding places to play in a small city of 30,000 people (Charlottetown, PEI) where fate had once again landed Reagh (he grew up there and a week long contract just never ended as a radio producer when he came back from California).

-First CD: Half Dozen of the Other. Some rave reviews both locally and nationally but not quite the flavor of the month and frankly Reagh was less than satisfied with the outside help he’d received. Everybody meant well but whatever he was hearing in his head (god help him), wasn’t exactly making it on to CD. What to do? Move to Vancouver, of course!!

-More demo cassettes, fighting for gigs in the big city and finally Cathode Ray. Reagh had grown tired trying to explain to people how to pronounce his name (now you know too!!), hence a band name which phonetically took care of the problem.

-At it’s peak, the band had a live DJ (DJ Splice), a drum ‘n bass drummer, and various bass players. Between keeping up with members’ Rave schedules and university careers, Reagh disbanded the project (an ambitious cross between Neil Young and DJ Shadow) and moved to Sweden.

-Various demos grew into songs like ‘Colour of The Birds’. While definitely not a mainstream hit, a very ‘cred’ hit within a certain crowd of the Swedish indie community and on national radio (played shows with Jens Lekman and El Perro Del Mar).

-Taking that sound, born out of cut and paste, to next level (read: making it sound better), took more than a few years. The result is ‘The Ed Harris Masters’ (This Is Pop/Border) being released as 10 separate singles.




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Not sure whether I’m imagining things or if it’s because I’ve played the album an incredible number of times. No, it’s true — it is different to his last CD: simpler, cleaner, not as difficult. I liked that one too but even more the soft edges to I’m Younger Than That Now. Delightfully shimmering pop with masses of fine ballads. And then there’s his voice. Sometimes it’s like Neil Young whispering in one ear and Richard Reagh in the other. He’s from Canada but lives in Sweden. But those are just details — his music knows no borders.
- Barometern 4 May 2010-05-30
This might be how Robert Wyatt would sound if he wanted to be a sentimental crooner. Reagh might fall into the singer/songwriter category but attentive listeners will discover a certain cunning in the music: a melancholy rawness carefully concealed by its soft, occasionally countryscented caress.
- EW, Nöjesguiden 4 May 2010
Vancouver isn’t just the Olympics; the city has also exported one of its sons to the woods of Värmdö outside Stockholm. There, Richard Reagh hunkers over a computer stitching together Beethoven and oater jazz, Peaches and gospel, before putting his own voice up front.
- Maria Forsström, Metro 3 May 2010


Disc Edharris P1 Tb

The Ed Harris Masters Pt.1

30 sek


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I'm Younger Than That Now

100 sek

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Is This The Blues I'm Singing?

40 sek

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Extended play

30 sek

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